Our Organisation

Skat Consulting Ltd. is an independent Swiss consulting company and resource centre working in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Since our establishment in 1978, we have provided technical expertise and governance support, as well as training, mentoring and project management services.

We apply our expertise in an integrated manner that puts people first to achieving lasting positive impacts on livelihoods and quality of life. Planning, design and implementation of projects and services is done through participation and collaboration that focuses on building trust and tackling injustice.

Management Team
Florian Klingel, Member of the Management Team (CEO)
Frank Wiederkehr, Member of the Management Team (Deputy CEO)
Danijela Djordjevic, Member of the Management Team (CFO)
Board of Directors

Karl Wehrle, Skat Consulting, St.Gallen, (President)

Esther Oettli, Beringen (Vice President)

Walter Kraehenbuehl, Weinfelden

Urs Egger, St.Gallen

Florian Klingel, Skat Consulting, St.Gallen

E. Béery

C. Zimmermann


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