Our Annual Report 2023 is out now

Skat Consulting’s Annual Report 2023 – Empowering civic engagement for sustainable development

Civic engagement has long been at the core of our efforts. Our experience shows that when citizens participate in decision-making processes, trust between public authorities and citizens grows. As we accompany our stakeholders on this joint learning journey, they break free from old patterns and fears and discover that participation is mutually beneficial. With democracy facing challenges across the globe, our focus on strengthening participatory processes has become even more relevant.

In our 2023 Annual Report, we highlight how we integrate citizen participation into projects such as water resources management in Kosovo, urban settlement upgrades in Rwanda, and local governance structures in Moldova. Additionally, our report features various projects where we contribute to sustainable solutions in the water, construction, energy, and governance sectors. You will discover how we have supported our clients and project partners in various settings and roles to create lasting change. We remain committed to improving the lives of people, one person at a time.

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