Eco-friendly reconstruction in Ukraine: merely a bonus or the way forward?

According to the UNDP, nearly 1.5 million homes have been destroyed during the war in Ukraine. While homeowners lack resources to rebuild their homes, the building materials from demolished houses are being dumped into landfills or illegal sites. If properly extracted, however, most building materi­als can either be reused or recycled. Together with local and international partners, Skat Consulting has conducted a study to identify, showcase and promote the most viable approaches to circular construction in Ukraine. This will pave the way for further initiatives.

We are pleased to share our insights here:
Vol I: Perspectives of Urban Mining and Circular (Re-) Construction for Ukraine
Vol II: Deep-Dive into Details and Opinions on Circular (Re-) Construction in Ukraine

We also invite you to join the online Presentation of our Studies on Circular Construction Practices, organised by our partner Helvetas.
This presentation will explore the use of secondary materials in construction, as well as provide the discussion ground on the advantages and challenges of implementing circular reconstruction in Ukraine.

Friday, March 22, 2024
14:00-16:00 Kyiv time
Working language – English, Ukrainian (simultaneous translation).
via Zoom [link to the session will be sent to your e-mail shortly before the event]
Please register here