Lessons learnt of Sanitation project in Moldova (ApaSan)

Within the frame of its ApaSan project, Skat Consulting Ltd. is publishing a series of documents on water supply, sanitation and strategic planning in Moldova, retracing main achievements and lessons-learnt during its 10 years long experience in the country.

Water consumption

The first document is based on a study on water consumption in small villages having access to a drinking water supply system (WSS). The results served as a basis to Skat’s engineer to design systems with a sensible capacity, avoiding oversizing of the facilities and diminishing the total costs of the WSS’s. Consequently, the funds provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) allowed to implement more WSS’s, and investments were more bearable to local communities.

Read the full paper on Water consumption in Moldovan villages with a village-wide water supply system

Promoting ecosan household toilets

Following the successful implementation of ecosan toilet in village’s schools, several households showed their interest in implementing individual ecosan toilets. Skat put into place a support program to allow those households to build their own ecosan toilet. The program aimed to increase awareness toward the technology and locally build capacity for construction of ecosan toilets. The following document details the approach, villager’s perception of the ecosan technology after few years of utilization and lessons-learnt from this experience.

Read the full paper on: Ecosan household toilets in rural areas in Moldova: promotion approach and lessons-learnt

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