Informal Plastic Recycling Value Chains in Indonesia,

Vietnam and Philippines

As part of a large study of plastics in marine litter, Skat carried out an in-depth research on informal sector recycling status and potentials in the three mentioned countries.

The research was carried out in three coastal cities Denpasar, Da Nang and Manila.


Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines

Project Period:

February – October 2016

Services provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Research and Analysis

Name of the Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Sanjay K Gupta

Name of Client(s):

Ocean Conservancy

Description of the Project:

We contributed to a report developed by Ocean Conservancy and members of the Trash Free Seas Alliance. Skat analysed the role of the informal recycling sector in reducing plastics and marine litter and highlighted the barriers of financing waste management systems in these countries to prevent marine litter in the Asia Pacific Region. This research report was developed to characterize the current landscape for investment in waste management, to identify barriers, and to suggest possible options for overcoming those barriers. It is intended to enrich the discussion at high level meetings, and attract investments of large donors and banks. The title of the report is: The Next Wace – Investment Strategies for Plastic Free Seas