Martin Boelli

Norias Sustainable Energy Comptence Ltd., owner and expert

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Specialist

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy concepts and assessments, in rural and urban areas
  • Technology and knowledge transfer, trainings and workshops
  • National energy policies, regulatory frameworks and integration, promotion and development of renewable energies
  • Project and Programme design, planning, management and monitoring

Martin Bölli is an electrical and environmental engineer and expert in renewable energies, with a focus on small hydropower and over 20 years of professional experience. His professional activities include the design and ecological, economic and technical evaluation of energy systems in stand-alone operation and with grid connection. He is also an expert in energy efficiency and has contributed to the design of production processes, optimization of production efficiency and the evaluation of energy and material flows in industrial sectors. He has been involved in advising on the development of national energy policies, analysis of legal frameworks and the design of tariff systems for the grid integration of renewable energies.