Substantial mandate by SECO: Expert Advisory Services Renewable Energy Integration and Smart Grid


The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO mandated Skat Consulting with a substantial project on renewable energy. The duration is five years (preliminary budget of 700,000 CHF which may be increased by options), and it covers all SECO focus countries with ongoing and planned energy projects. For this project we build a consortium with the German energynautics GmbH.

We will support SECO in four tasks: Strategic advisory services, project pipeline development, appraisal of investment plans (under the CIF REI Program / Climate Investment Fund Renewable Energy Integration) and finally implementation consultancy services for projects. The most extensive aspect is to provide critical guidance and advise to a project in Ghana (Ghana Solar PV based Net-Metering NMPV) and, in the future to the Tunisia Smart Grid Development Project as well as to further specific projects. The lead is with our expert Hedi Feibel.