Video on Community Managed Water Treatment and Distribution System in Nepal

Skat supported the implementation of several Water Treatment and Distribution System (water kiosks) funded by Solaqua Foundation.

Together with a local production company, we produced a video of the project implemented by UEMS to showcase a water kiosk managed by a community in Lalitpur District in Nepal.

Water kiosks are places where water is sold (typically water that has been treated on site). They have been around for several decades but the recent developments in ICTs, combined with an ever-increasing need of utilities to offer solutions in places where piped systems are not feasible, created a dynamic push and increased financial inputs. Whereas many of this initiatives are either driven by the private sector or by utilities, there are also some which opt for management by local communities. One model has been implemented and developed by Urban Environmental Management Society (UEMS), a Kathmandu-based NGO, with the support of funding agencies like UN-Habitat, WaterAid and others.
This video shows how one such kiosk was installed in Lalitpur (Kathmandu Valley) and what local people think about it.

Courtesy of Solaqua Foundation