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Social Acceptance of the Controlled Landfills III Program (DC III) in Tunisia

Tunisia  |  Governance, Waste Management

The program “controlled landfills for household waste III” which is part of the National Program for Integrated and Sustainable Waste Management (PRONGIDD) aims at waste management through transfer stations, landfills and waste treatment facilities all over the country (new landfills, mechanical-biological pilot treatment plants). Due to lack of information and lack of integrating people’s interest, ANGED is confronted with massive demonstrations of citizens and blockages of construction sites.

Expert Advisory Services for Renewable Energy (RE) Integration and Smart Grid

Albania  |  Energy and Climate

SECO in the recent years made a strategic shift to end direct infrastructure financing except for innovative pilot projects, and to focus on technical assistance and institutional and capacity development to make best use of its grant funding modality.

Support of SONEDE in exploiting the hydropower potential in the drinking water supply system

Tunisia  |  Energy and Climate

Study on and evaluation of the available potential of mini and small hydropower in the drinking water supply system of SONEDE / Tunisia, assistance for implementation of a demonstration project; on-the-job and classroom training on relevant issues, implementation of a pilot plant.

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