Support to AfricaAHEAD in Zimbabwe

AfricaAHEAD implements an integral project to support communities in Zimbabwe through Community Health Clubs (CHC), which are run by volunteers. Within the platform of the CHC, a series of modules can be implemented, and Skat – with financial support of ZH2O – supports specifically the drinking water module. The project will train people on how to upgrade the traditional family wells, which exist by the millions in Zimbabwe, and how to improve water quality at household level. Through AfricaAHEAD’s sophisticated online platform of tracking and visualising progress, information can be analysed and shared in a simple way, enabling the management and the local partners to take informed decisions and to coordinate activities.



Project Period:

2016 – ongoing

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training &  Capacity Building

  • Technical and management support, fundraising, networking

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Matthias Saladin

Name of Client(s)


Description of the Project:

Skat acts as technical, financial and managerial support agency to AfricaAHEAD in Zimbabwe and reports back to the donor of this project. It provides technical and managerial advice and enables international networking and information exchange with other organizations.