Support to the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda

The overall objective of this assignment was to support the Ministry of Water and Environment in updating and restructuring the Sector Performance Measurement Framework in order to capture the Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) and Water Resources Management issues. This assignment capitalized on synergies with a second assignment by Skat for the preparation of the Sector Performance Report in Uganda in August/September 2010.



Project Period:

July – December 2010

Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Consultancy

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: André Olschewski, Project Staff: Dr. Kerstin Danert

Description of the Project:

Danida has been one of the key donors for the Water and Sanitation sub-sector in Uganda, having supported the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) over the past 15 years. Danida has taken a special interest in the interlinkages between the environment and water supply and initiated a process for better coordination between water and environment institutions to assure sustainable water supplies.

After the inception phase it became clear  that the process and steps towards improved reporting on ENR issues need to be embedded in a much more comprehensive analysis of the ENR sub-sector in Uganda and the Directorate of Environmental Affairs in particular. A comprehensive institutional analysis was undertaken, leading to recommendations at strategic, coordination and operational levels.

The performance of the institutions in the ENR sub-sector has been hampered by different factors, in particular insufficient funding, unclear roles and responsibilities of key institutions. This has contributed to the weak enforcement of environmental laws. The consultants developed a concept for the refinement of roles and responsibilites within key institutions and worked out options for funding. The proposed process has been approved by the Government institutions and the Development Partners in Uganda as a joint undertaking for the next two years. The consultants developed a methodology for the process, the terms of reference for the work and a workplan with expected results.

Working steps have been coordinated with other ongoing processes in MWE, in particular with the production of the SPR 2010 and with other consultancies for MWE. Results of this assignment were presented to and discussed with relevant actors in the ENR sub-sector, in particular with the sub-sector working group and Development Partners.