buildings_settlementBuilding, reconstruction and settlements

Skat works in the sectors of housing, social infrastructure (education and, health facilities etc.) as well as settlement development in rural, urban, and peri-urban zones. Our expertise includes participatory and impact-oriented methodologies for strategic and sustainable outcomes based on the needs of the citizens.

By using a combination of modern and traditional building practices, locally available materials, expertise and capacities wherever appropriate our projects and interventions lead to sustainable results and follow the do-no-harm approach.

Our services include:

  • Planning, reconstruction and rehabilitation in fragile contexts, settlement development and management including slum upgrading
  • Sustainable building including the production and promotion of climate responsive construction materials and technologies
  • Support of institutional and organisational development, Community development, Urban governance and decentralisation

Our architects and engineers have great reconstruction experience in fragile contexts after environmental disasters, as well as in supporting processes of decentralisation. Further, we have the capacity to develop educational material in the area of sustainable building to foster safe building practices and increase local capacity.