governance     Governance

Governance is central to improving social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development. We facilitate advocacy and policy dialogue between partners by creating safe spaces for discussion, trust-building, reflection and priority-setting. We focus on the principles participation, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability. We provide technical, managerial and administrative support to community groups, non-governmental organisations, resource centres and local government institutions to strengthen rule of law and human rights, gender equality, appropriate distribution of power and macro-economic stability.

In the scope of Good Governance we support decentralisation processes, often using local public services as a tangible entry point.

Our services include:

  • support to the political dialog on improving the enabling environment for decentralisation
  • establishing mechanisms for popular consultation
  • promoting decentralised services provision
  • training of local councillors
  • working in a conflict-sensitive way in fragile states, as a part of larger peace-building efforts
  • corruption elimination and boosting integrity and professionalism

Institutional development

On the institutional level, we support institutional development projects in numerous countries, and in sectors that include water and environmental sanitation, rural transport, environmentally sustainable building materials production, and urban health. Therefore, Skat facilitates dialogue at all levels of government and civil society.

Community development

Skat promotes the combination of sound technical know-how with social competence in projects for sustainable development outcomes. On community level we advocate for the involvement of communities in planning and decision-making to strengthen local capacity. However, we recognise that many community-managed services, such water points, fail if there is no or inadequate external support from local government, thereforce we place government engagement and partnership at the heart of our interventions.