governance     Governance

Governance is essential to achieve sustainable development. It is a goal in itself in a selection of Skat implementation projects but it is also a transversal approach to all our projects irrespective from the thematic areas. Governance principles are systematically reflected in all of our interventions.

Our services include:

  • engaging citizens and establishing mechanisms for consultation
  • promoting decentralised services provision
  • supporting political dialog on improving the enabling environment for local governance reforms

Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement is an integral element of governance arrangements as it provides opportunities for all citizens to voice their interests and hold public authorities accountable for public decision-making. Skat believes that inclusively engaging citizens and working with local governments are prerequisites for projects to have long-term, beneficial impact such as in infrastructure investments (e.g building, water and waste) and the improvement of local governance.

Skat encourages the creation of partnerships between local authorities and citizens. Our role as independent facilitator and broker is key in supporting systematic and constructive interfaces between citizens, local authorities, and other important local actors. We assist local authorities to introduce master and institutionalise participatory venues using direct democracy tools.

Municipal services as an entry point for improving local governance

Municipal services improvement is an entry point for increasing general local governments accountability and creditworthiness. Skat’s experience shows that improvement of concrete public services can serve as an entry point for building capacities of local public authorities to better manage development of their municipalities and gain trust of the population. Skat also advocates for a systemic approach to improving local governance as a condition for better service delivery.

Local governance reforms

Success of governance related activities at local level depends on existing framework conditions. To ensure that the local level work not only fits into the on-going reforms, but also in-forms and supports the reform, Skat plans and implements interventions at the national level for ensuring an enabling environment for both general local governance reform and municipal services sector decentralisation reform. Skat is considered as a relevant and competent partner to support the preparation and implementation of local governance reforms. It assists national governments in developing, consulting, communicating and implementing local governance reforms, it provides technical assistance to draft legislations and to conduct policy dialogue.