water-sanitation-hygiene-washEnvironmental Sanitation in Albania for Caritas

Skat assisted Caritas in the elaboration and implementation of village-level water supply, sanitation and hygiene projects in the district of Lezhë (Northern Albania). During this partnership, Skat provided support to the local Caritas office in Lezhë and the Albania desk at the agency’s head office through advisory services from the desk and regular backstopping mission to the country.

Location & Country:


Project Period:

2004- 2006

Name of Client(s):

Caritas – Switzerland

Description of the Project:

The Lezhë Health Development Programme focuses on the improvement of primary and secondary health care in the district. Furthermore,  the programme works at the  community level, where, based on a participatory approach, needs are identified, solutions are developed and community-level projects related to health and hygiene are supported.

Skat also provided technical competence assistance and sector knowledge. During the pre-project phase, Skat conducted feasibility studies, advised on technical, socio-economic, institutional and environmental issues and prepared the fundraising documents. During project implementation, Skat advised on the tendering process, coached the local engineers and Caritas staff, introduced the operation & management systems, took up the responsibility for the overall quality assurance and documented the outcomes for reporting back to the donors.