GOV-WADE – Governance Project in Municipal Water

                       and Environmental Development

Skat provided intensive and close coaching support to the project facilitation unit (PFU) UNA-SANA and the support service providers. GOV-WADE’s overall aim was to promote good governance in the area of water and environmental sanitation.


Bosnia – Herzegovina (North- Western part)

Project Period:


Services provided:

Backstopping & Technical Advice

  • Backstopping/ coaching

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

UNA-SANA: Association for Protection and Improvement of Environment

Description of the Project:

The project focused on six municipalities, which were selected based on a comprehensive survey conducted in the first half of 2006. Additional 11 municipalities also benefited from the project. The main project’s objective was to increase capacities of local authorities and civil society in improving practice in governance and management at municipal level and in advocating for enabling environment vis-à-vis superior levels.

The project supported institutional and organisational development in selected municipalities, strengthened capacity of local civil society actors and service providers, and improved inter-municipal cooperation.

Skat gave continuous on-the-job and specific capacity building to the PFU, and enabled performing of good quality project facilitation. Skat assisted in the project management, project facilitation, quality assurance, knowledge management, and specific services on demand. Skat supported the PFU in creating a community of practice (CoP) bringing together the target municipalities for experience and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, Skat supported the PFU in its reorganisation becoming an independent agency as service provider in municipal engineering support. Skat supported the PFU in the finalisation and implementation of the yearly plan of operations, and in developing strategic plans and the involvement of civil society. Skat assisted the PFU in the planning and facilitation of activities that involves all municipalities in the target region, and in the preparation of mid-term reviews, development of M&E system and external evaluations, as well as in the coordination of project partners.