Handpump Installation Training in Mozambique

Provide training for the correct installation and handling of new components for the Afridev pump with bottom support in Inhambane Province, Mozambique.



Name of Cllient(s):

COWATER International

Description of the Project:

The Programa de Desenvolvimento de Agua Rural Inhambabe (PDARI) is a rural development project executed by COWATER International Inc together with the Direcção Provincial das Obras Publicas e Habitação, Inhambane and Direcção de Agua e Saneamento. The programme involves national ministries, districts, the private sector and communities in the execution of all activities required for sustainable water supply and sanitation services.

In Inhambane Province, the location of the programme, there are a number of boreholes with very low water tables ranging between 80 to 90m. The handpumps installed earlier were the India Mark II extra deep-well and standard Afridev. These pumps broke down regularly and a decision was taken to replace them with the Afridev with Bottom Support, using 48 mm diameter riser pipes and FRP pumprods.

Skat undertook a mission to the project in order to demonstrate the correct installation procedures and the handling of new components to the local mechanics. This was undertaken in the form of a practical installation training session.