Environmentally compatible hydroelectricity for small businesses and rural households – Madagascar

Based on a preliminary study from 2013 and a feasibility study carried out by a local hydropower planner and developer called AIDER in 2019, a detailed design study of the project is developed for the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant of Mandialaza with a capacity of 2 x 100 kW. The role of Skat is to accompany the different stages of the work and provide the necessary technical support to ensure the quality of the study, with a focus on the hydrology and civil engineering parts as well as hydraulic- engineering structures up to the turbine.




Project Period:

07.2020 to 04.2023

Services Provided:

Consultancy: Technical support for detailed design study (“avant-projet détaillé) of a Small Hydropower Project; review and validation of technical tender docs (civil and electromechanical part)

Name of Client(s)

La fondation du Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer (CEAS)

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Hedi Feibel, as hydrologist and lead technical expert, Oliver Froend (civil engineer), Daniel Figi (geological expert), Patrick Alléoud (hydropower expert)

Description of the Project:

Objective: Development of a quality detailed design study and tender documents for the 200 kW Mandialaza Small Hydroelectric Power Project for the supply of a local mini grid.

Services provided by Skat: technical support in the design process of the detailed engineering as well as preparation of tender docs for the planned hydroelectric power plant to be implemented under the project.

Activities in particular: vvalidating, commenting and exchanging with the developer and planner AIDER on the following topics:

  • Hydrological assessment including flow duration curve, design flow and relevant design flood;
  • Geological studies;
  • Civil engineering and hydraulic engineering parts up to the turbine;

In addition, providing opinion to ensure overall consistency of the detailed design; review and validation of the detailed technical tender documents

Results: comments and recommendations contribute to the feasibility and professional completion of the study, minimisation of implementation risks and strengthened capacity of the project planner and developer AIDER.