IRENA Expert Follow-up Event

The FDFA, together with IRENA, SFOE, lHA, other interested organisations and IRENA member states, plan an “Expert follow-up Event on Hydropower” October 2022 for 3 days with about 80 participants (of which most from developing countries). The participants will gain a common understanding of the role which hydropower can play in the renewables energy mix and the policy and general framework which is required to pave the way for hydropower development.



Switzerland, Global

Project Period:

19.12.2019 to 30.11.2022

Services Provided:

Implementation and knowledge sharing: organization of event, development of content and facilitation

Name of Client(s)

Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Hedi Feibel, Martin Bölli (thematic experts), David Sheldon (logistic support / organisation)

Description of the Project:


The event should:

  1. Take stock of the discussion points – in particular on hydropower – at the IRENA Assemblies January 2019 and January 2020;
  2. Create a common understanding and awareness among the various stakeholders on the opportunities offered by hydropower compared to other renewables;
  3. Facilitate exchange of experiences (success stories and challenges) as well as best practices

Services and activities by Skat:

  • Facilitation and contribution to development of event content and program
  • Provision of contacts in Skat’s global hydropower network
  • Organization of the event, including logistics and co-sponsoring
  • Preparation and support, including participant participation and organizational support