networks_knowledge-management     Networks & Knowledge Management

We design systems for the collection, analysis, storage and dissemination of information, and support organisations and networks to make better use of their knowledge.

Skat pursues an integrated knowledge management approach. This involves a thorough analysis of the context and organisational strategy, followed by a participatory process to improve the conditions for experience-based knowledge sharing. Various knowledge management tools are used, depending on the specific context.

Our services include:

  • Knowledge management consulting for projects and programmes
  • Supporting the establishment of knowledge networks and resource centres in developing countries and countries in transition
  • Capacity building with existing resource centres and knowledge networks

Examples of tools include: Knowledge assessments, Knowledge management strategy development, Learning constellations (e.g. peer assists, storytelling, after action reviews), Knowledge mapping, SWOT analysis, Communities of practice.

Knowledge management is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve more effective and efficient development. Skat strives to apply relevant methods of knowledge management to specific thematic issues, in particular in Skat’s core areas of expertise.