Preparation and Implementation of a Webinar Series on Mini-Grids

Skat in close cooperation with Energypedia and the Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET, implemented a series of three webinars during the first half of 2017. In each of the sessions, between 90 and 160 attendees followed the presentations and actively participated in the discussion rounds. The highly topical subjects attracted experts from a wide range of organisations, including development agencies and banks, practitioners, consultants, NGOs etc. Skat Foundation supports the webinar series with its own funds and contributes professional competences.



Project Period:

Jan – July 2017

Services Provided:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training and Capacity Development

  • Preparation and implementation of the “Mini-Grid Webinar Series: Micro/Mini hydropower in the context of Technology Differentiation, Grid Interconnection and Productive End Use”; in close cooperation with HPNET and Energypedia

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Dr. Hedi Feibel, preparation of the strategic approach and content of webinars; briefing of presenters, webinar facilitation, development of additional knowledge products

Bertha Camacho: methodological support to webinar structure

Name of Client:

Skat Foundation, own funds

Name of Partner Organisation(s):


Description of the Project:

Objectives: Dissemination of knowledge on mini-grids and exchange between practitioners, planner, policy makers, banks etc. to create enabling environments for the implementation of mini grids based on renewable energies.

Activities: selection of relevant contents and an appropriate webinar structure; selection and support of presenters and their topics; facilitation of webinars and question & answer session; development and compilation of relevant knowledge products.

Results: implementation of webinars on the following topics:

  1. Why mini-grid technologies – biomass, diesel, micro/mini hydro, small wind, and hybrid systems – need to be differentiated,
  2. Grid interconnection of micro/mini hydro mini-grids: What happens when the national grid arrives?

Productive End Use of Mini-Grids using Micro/Mini Hydro – Three Examples of How to Make it Happen