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MĂ IMPLIC (I engage), Project on civic engagement in local governance – Phase 2

Moldova  |  Governance

Ma Implic (“I engage” in Romanian) is designed as a long-term Programme over three successive implementation phases addressing the major root causes of poor local governance and ultimately fostering social cohesion and promoting social trust. The overall goal of Ma Implic is that the population of Moldova benefits from improved local governance, better access to and quality of public services.

Backstopping support for the SDC’s Peace, Governance and Equality section

Global  |  Networks and Knowledge Management, Governance

Backstopping support for the SDC’s Peace, Governance and Equality section.

Detailed study for the 240 kW mini hydropower site Sahandaso

Madagascar  |  Energy and Climate

Elaboration of detailed design (Sahandaso) and update of two feasibility studies (Ivato Centre and Ambatotoa) as sound basis for ADER to attract investors and thus to advance in rural electrification.

SwissEnergy – Newsletter Small Hydropower

Switzerland  |  Energy and Climate

General information about Small Hydropower in Switzerland, awareness creation about the relevance of the technology, general information on market conditions / regulatory framework for the stakeholders, policy decisions, events etc..

Backstopping of three projects financed under the “Fonds de Contre-Valeur Suisses”

Cameroon  |  Energy and Climate

Based on an agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Cameroon Government to subsidise three projects in the fields of renewable energies and private sector promotion: 1) “electrification through a hydro-PV hybrid system”, 2) “water through solar energy”, 3) ”Fresh Irish Potato production, storage, conditioning and marketing”

Micro-Hydropower Documentation Review and Advisory Services for Local Private Sector Stakeholders

Myanmar  |  Energy and Climate

Myanmar as one of the least developed countries in SE Asia and a rural electrification rate of 20% adapted a National Electrification Project (NEP) in 2015 which outlines extension of the national grid, solar home systems and mini-grids.

Expert Advisory Services for Renewable Energy (RE) Integration and Smart Grid

Global  |  Energy and Climate

SECO in the recent years made a strategic shift to end direct infrastructure financing except for innovative pilot projects, and to focus on technical assistance and institutional and capacity development to make best use of its grant funding modality.

South-South exchange and capacity building to advance mini hydro for climate and economic resilience

Global  |  Energy and Climate

The various “SEEED (Social Enterprise for Energy, Ecological and Economic Development)” E-Learning modules on different mini-hydropower related topics had been supported by GIZ, by DGRV (German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation as well as Skat Foundation. Each module includes recordings of the live weekly Q&A sessions, pre-recorded video tutorials, supplementary material, and quizzes.

Zero Emission Buildings China (ZEB China)

China  |  Building and Settlement

The project supports the decarbonization of China’s building sector, which is the biggest in the world, with Switzerland’s leading know-how on sustainable construction working with Chinese partners on upgrading building standards, advising demonstration projects and enhancing capacities of local authorities, professionals as well as university students.

AGUASAN Workshop Series

Switzerland  |  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

AGUASAN is an interdisciplinary Swiss community of practice (CoP) bringing together a wide range of specialists to promote wider and deeper understanding of key issues in water and sanitation in international cooperation.

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