Plausibility check of hydrological studies for the

               hydropower projects Boshava and Vatashka, Macedonia

Studying and plausibility check of the hydrological studies and the related hydrological data.


Desk study (Macedonia, Boshava)

Project Period:

January 2013

Services Provided:

Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Analysis and assessment of available hydrological data and of the respective studies for 5 hydropower schemes in cascades

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Dr. Hedi Feibel, hydrological analysis and risk assessment

Name of Client:

Turboinstitut d.d. Ljubljana, Dr. Vladimir Kercan

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

Finance in Motion (as funds manager of Green for Growth Fund GGF)

MACS, Energy and Water

Description of the Project:

Services provided by Skat: analysis and assessment of the available hydrological study, including own data evaluation.

Objective: to check the plausibility of the hydrological study available for HPP1&2, HPP3&4 and HPP5 Boshava, Macedonia, in order to provide the required information for the due diligence check of the financiers.

Activities: analysis of the available hydrological data of 2 gauging stations, establishment of flow duration curves, trend analysis and significance test; analysis of the study submitted by the local hydrologist; summary of the results in a comprehensive report including risk assessment

Results: report on data evaluation and excel sheets with flow duration curves and statistical analysis as information base for the calculation of electricity production for the 5 hydropower systems of Boshava and Vatashka, Macedonia.