Supporting SDC’s Learning & Networking

               team in strengthening and monitoring

               SDC’s Thematic networks

Skat was requested by the Learning & Networking Team at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to provide methodological and process advice to enhance the work of the SDC Thematic Networks.



Project Period:


Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Project Manager: Bertha Camacho

Description of assignment:

At SDC, Thematic networks contribute to promoting and passing on professional and methodological knowledge and contribute to SDC’s institutional learning. The thematic networks are an effective instrument to SDC’s Knowledge Management. Altogether the networks are already demonstrating some level of impact after only a short period of time. In order to respond to the different challenges and questions highlighted not only by the Network Evaluation of 2014, but also through the experience of the Learning and Networking Team (L&NT) at SDC, it was considered necessary to reorient the support the L&N team provides to the SDC networks.

To reach its objectives, the Learning & Networking Team required the external expertise and support of Skat to provide SDC with methodological and process advice, as well as to function as a reflection partner and observer. The support was given mainly through face-to-face or telephone (online) meetings and by participating and/or co-hosting/facilitating different events.