Book Cover: Production Guide

Production Guide

Fibre and Micro Concrete Tiles

Author: Hans-Erik Gram, Paul Gut

The roof constitutes the most important part of a building and special care has to be taken in preparing the roof and the roofing elements. The best available raw materials should be used and throughout the production process it should be kept in mind that a bad quality roofing product will not only result in an inadequate roof, but may also lead to severe damage to the whole building. This guide is compiled so as to help advisory centres to transfer this knowhow systematically and to help producers to achieve a product of a high standard . The chances of improved production on a broad basis are then increased, benefiting from existing and well-established technological know-how.


Language: English,
Typ of ressources: Manuals and Handbooks
Year: 1992
Publisher: Skat
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