Book Cover: Solid waste management and the Millennium Development Goals
Pages: 38

Solid waste management and the Millennium Development Goals

Links that inspire action- with contributions from Sanjay K Gupta and Jonathan Hecke


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1.2 What is the purpose of this booklet?

It is intended that this booklet will be useful to two groups of readers:

  • If you are aware of the Millennium Development Goals and seeking to implement them, and wish to know more about how improvements in solid waste management can impact on the achievement of Targets and Goals, this booklet will help you. The following pages show how better management of our wastes can lead to the improvements demanded by the MDGs. This booklet is not written for specialists in solid waste management, but for readers from a wide range of backgrounds. For this reason there is a word list in Part 5 at the back of this booklet that provides explanations of the terminology that is used.
  • If your responsibilities include solid waste management and you are wondering how to direct your resources and efforts to achieve the most benefits for the communities you serve, you will find help in these pages. The Millennium Development Goals were formulated by leading thinkers and actors in the field of development, and reflect their wisdom and experience in identifying the priorities for achieving lasting improvements in the lives of the poor. The MDGs have the support of national leaders and international organisations, so programmes and projects that are in harmony with these Goals are most likely to attract political and financial support.
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